Terrain Engine 2D: Coming Soon!

Terrain Engine 2D is a 2D Block Engine coming soon to the Unity3D Asset Store! It allows you to easily setup and create a 2D Procedurally Generated (pseudo-random) destructible sandbox world in Unity3D. Similar to what you see in popular games like Terraria and Starbound.

Expected Release Date: March 31st 2018



Demo is here: https://activegamedev.com/TerrainEngi…

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattwilson720

Main Features: Grid Based Tiling System • Chunk loaded mesh rendering • Z-ordered layering • Bitmasking • Supports multi-tile blocks • Supports tile variations

Procedural Map Generation Framework:  Simple and easy to setup • Supports multiple passes • Use your own noise algorithms and random functions

Dynamic Modification Tools: Place and destroy blocks by layer • Helpful GUI for testing • Adjustable modifying radius • Functional camera movement system • Elegant grid selection/block placement tool

Basic Block Lighting: Fast shadow masking • Dynamically updated

Let’s see the complete project end of March 2018!

Post Author: VMleisure