Coming soon for PC, PS4, XBOX ONE!

In Kaze and the Wild Masks you are a bunny named Kaze.

Kaze becomes a hero at the time when a comet strikes the calm and relaxed Carrotland. Plants turn into enraged living forms and chaos come around all the place.

In the game the bunny Kaze makes acrobatic moves, whacks enemies using stunning ear spins. She will gain additional skills every time she finds the ancient Wild Masks.

Intense gameplay, the levels, rewards and extra bonuses encourage the players to find the best trajectory when playing for success and fun!

Awards: Best Visual Art – Finalist – SBGames 2017

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Release date: Q3 2018



  • A 16 bit like pixel-by-pixel endeavour of love, that links the past and today’s generations.

  • Extraordinary hand made animations

  • A neat and refined gameplay mechanic

  • Fast paced adventure: Run, Jump, Fly and much more to outcome uncommon enemies.

  • Easy to get and start playing: two buttons and lots of actions.

  • Collect the ancients Wild Masks to unlock exceptional skills.

  • The honest goal of make you have lots of fun!

Created by:

VOX Game Studio (www.voxstudio.com.br), a team of Brazilian Devs established in the south of the country but not limited to their borders, working with clients from all over the world. Focusing on game programming, they are familiar to projects with high quality graphics and innovative technologies, such as AR, Oculus Rift, and their job is about shortening the distance between the ideas and the final product.


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