Bounce House – Jumping jacks and bounce jumps

  Bounce House is a game about bouncing children off an endless bouncy castle, testing your skills and timing, taking candy from babies and dodging explosive obstacles! It’s a difficult game with deceptively cute graphics. It looks simple but prepare for a challenge! The game is free to download!  All characters can be unlocked just by […]

Super Immigrants vs The Wall

  Super Immigrants vs The Wall is a game that approaches the polemical barrier along the USA-Mexico border in a fun and easygoing way. In this game, the player can take on the role of the most famous immigrants in history, such as WonderFul Woman, The Exterminator, Zorro, Mariachi, amongst others. Use your special powers […]

Magic Master – tower defense

  Mix magical powers to annihilate hordes of enemies. Alone, you must defend Fort Ukala in a tower defense different from everything you ever played before. Think fast, create combos and develop a strategy to become the Magic Master. ★ Intense action: think fast to defeat opponents. ★ Fire, Ice and more: learn to master […]