IN – Puzzle from Brazil!

  On Steam now!! “An immersive experience set in a fantastic and mysterious universe.” IN is a puzzle-platformer game based on the whimsical forces of nature.   Game Features Relaxing gameplay – Discover a thought-provoking world – Clever and challenging puzzles – Be creative, there’s more than one solution per challenge – Different mechanics to […]

Level Squared – LVL² – Mini Puzzle Yourself!

Play DEMO on PC! Will be ready in 2018!  Got awarded as the Best Student Game in the World! LVL² is a minimalist puzzle platformer in which the player can use a projection ability to manipulate the size and position of objects relative to their own. In LVL² you need to think inside the box. As […]

Don’t Shoot Yourself! – puzzle yourself?

On Steam now for PC and Mac, Don’t Shoot Yourself! is a totally new kind of puzzle shoot ’em up where players must dodge their own bullets bouncing off walls in a small ring. Since players control the bullet pattern they must plan ahead to outsmart the levels in a never seen before skill based puzzle.   […]

SmartestNerd! – Challenge your knowledge

Challenge your knowledge Solve logical and visual cases Show your skills at various topics in science Get rewarded and compete against friends and global Brain challenge Are you smart enough to solve the smartest cases Beat the opponents Challenge your friends to play against the score Level up rewards Earn smart rewards for each level […]